How Writing Your Own Articles Can Boost Sales

How Writing Your Own Articles Can Boost Your Sales

Writing your own articles can do wonders for advertising and promoting your blog or website. It’s one of the oldest marketing strategies that still works even today. Most people are on the internet to find information about something specific. By creating content rich articles and sharing them, you can:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Build a money making list
  • Promote your products or affiliate products
  • Create credibility for yourself as an authority in your field.

We are going to look at how articles can do this in detail.

1. Drive Traffic to you Website

When you create a money making article you want to accomplish two things. First you want to give some helpful information on a topic. Secondly, you want that article to be directed at another product. This product could be a free report or ebook, trial offer, a product you have created for sale, or an affiliate product you earn commission for selling. Whatever it is, keep these two things in mind.

You can also write articles and list them with article directories that offer republishing of your articles by others who need content. However, be advised that Google now removes from their search index any site that has duplicate content on multiple websites. If you care about your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then you shouldn’t take this route.

2. Build a Money Making List

If you write your own articles on a similar subject to what you are selling, you could easily create a small report. This is basically a longer article with a little more detail. But it’s purpose is still the same, to give helpful information and to direct your prospect to an offer. In this case the offer could be your email list. This list is your gold mine. Building a list means you have targeted prospects hungry for more at your fingertips, and its where the real money is made.

3. Promote your Products or Affiliate Products

Articles are a great way to promote your products. Here’s a article secret formula for you:

Take your product ===> Create a set of articles based on this product ===> Mention your product at least once in your articles ===> Post your article on your blog, in forums, to your subscribers etc. = Profit for you!

Sounds simple right? You’d be surprised how many marketers don’t do this. And you can do this for affiliate products as well. If you bought the product yourself, great! You can create articles based off of bits of info. If you didn’t but you want to promote it, look at the sales copy and pull a couple ideas from that to create your articles. Then add your affiliate link to the article.

4. Create Credibility for Yourself

Credibility is important especially online. Unless you know someone personally, you are taking a risk they are sincere in their offers based on what you know about them. When you write and share your articles in a specific niche, you build a reputation for being someone who knows what they are talking about. Like anything it takes time to build this credibility, but its worth it in the long run.

Just seeing your name on a product will eventually be a selling point. I’ve bought many products myself based on that because I enjoy the information that person always offers. I also pay really close attention when I see their name pop up when there’s a new product up for grabs. When you write your own articles, it can turn you into an authority on the subject. That is priceless.

Writing your own articles can really boost your sales. It can drive traffic to your website or blog, help you build a list, promote your own products or affiliate products and even make you a known expert in the industry you are in. It doesn’t happen overnight and yes it does take time. But it can be fun and the benefits of using this time tested strategy are priceless.