Outsourcing Your Article Content

Outsource Your Article Content

Article Marketing is a great way to promote your products, websites, blogs and building a list. If you are someone who doesn’t like to write or doesn’t have the time but needs fresh content, outsourcing is a great way to go if you are willing to pay. You can find ghostwriters on many freelance and writing portals that offer their services in creating article content. We are going to look at:

Where you can find a ghostwriter
What to look for before you hire one
Doing more with the finished product

1. Where you can find a Ghostwriter

One of my favorite places to find a writer is Fiverr.com. For just five dollars you can get an experienced writer to write an article for you, and many of them offer free rewrite services if you aren’t satisfied with the final article. Another is Elance.com. This site is one of the top freelance sites on the Internet offering services on all kinds of subjects. These people are generally paid by the our. PeoplePerHour.com also is an hour-based freelance service. Go to their “editing” category for writers and you will find many to choose from, some specializing in specific niches too!

There are writing portals that also offer a database of writers will to create content for you. WriteAccess.com for instance goes through an extensive screening process with their writers. Once writers fill out an application a test determines skill level. That star rating determines what they get paid. They charge about 8-10 cents a word. I haven’t tried this service myself but after going through the website myself, I just just have to try it!

2. What to look for before you hire one

Before you hire someone from any of these sites, there are a couple things you need to consider. First their credibility. These sites have a rating system that can tell you if other people are satisfied with their final result. Secondly, consider their turn around time. Will they be able to deliver your content quickly?

Third, consider other services some of them offer. There are some writers who offer free rewrites until you get what you want. Others charge a small fee for add ons like a squeeze page. Higher price doesn’t always mean better quality either. Just because one charges higher doesn’t mean they will deliver the best result. Make sure you look at their bio, rating and past comments before choosing one of the other. Many of the writers on Fiverr for instance do create good work for just $5.00.

3. Doing more with your finished product

Once the article is done to your satisfaction, don’t forget to link your blog, website or product. It is possible you may have to tweak the article a little to further fit your needs but most of the work is already done for you. Just make sure that you read it a few times before you post it anywhere and make sure it makes sense, has correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Outsourcing your article content is a great way to cut down your work load when you don’t have time to do it yourself. Now that you know where to find a writer, what to look for before you hire one and what to do once the final product is handed to you, I’m sure you will have some great content that pulls in some cash and subscribers to your business

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