Article Writing with Private Label Rights (PLR)

Aritcle Writing With PLR

Writing articles yourself is time consuming. You either need to know the material of your subject matter or do extensive research to make sure your information is accurate. Outsourcing your article content can be costly, especially if you are just starting your online business. With Private Label Rights you can bridge the gap between the two. We are going to discuss:

What are Private Label Rights?
Where to find PLR content?
The Do’s and Don’ts on using PLR Content

What are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights also known as PLR Content are information products in the form of articles, reports, ebooks etc. that have a unique kind of rights. They have no author attached to them and permit you to literally customize the information to your own needs. PLR articles are pre-written articles on a variety of niche topics that you can call your own.

Where to Find PLR Content?

You can find PLR content just about everywhere. There are PLR packages you can buy, some are even given away. You can join a website membership that offers PLR content to their members. Some even add brand new content on a regular basis. One of my favorite places to find PLR is
They have a huge line of PLR products ranging from articles to video training modules. Sign up for Free and see for yourself. also offers article packs in a variety of subjects. This site is constantly updated with new unique packs of articles on a variety of subjects. The best part is, they only sell 100 packages of each set and then remove the content completely. So that means only you and 99 other people get their hands on those exact PLR articles. That means less competition and less duplicate content.

Another favorite of mine is This unique PLR content site offers a membership with constant new articles. If you are willing to write an article yourself every month, you can even score your membership for free! This was one of the first memberships of its kind when PLR content wasn’t very well known. This huge database of every niche topic you can think up will definitely keep you busy with an endless supply of content and ideas.

The Do’s and Don’ts of PLR Content

As great as they are PLR content does have its drawbacks, especially when they are sold in large quantities. Search engines love unique content. The more unique content you use on your website the better. But when you use content that is duplicated everywhere, that’s when you encounter problems. You’re website may even be removed from search engines entirely.

With that in mind, the best course of action when using PLR content is to change the content and making it different from the original. This can be done by changing words and using synonyms and antonyms. Rewording phrases can make each sentence even more unique. Even swapping sentences or paragraphs and changing the title. The point is you need to drastically change the content so it doesn’t look anything like the original.

Now doing this task by hand is very time consuming. Some people will use what is called Article Spinning Software. There are so many that I won’t list them here. But these little pieces of software cut the task down of swapping words, phrases and paragraphs around automatically.

Use caution when you buy, download or use any of these. Some will work better then others. And some have more features to create a unique version then others. In the end, read the article that is produced to make sure it makes sense and reads differently from your original. These are tools designed to help you in saving time. Remember anything information you share reflects back on you and your business.

You can also hire a writer to rewrite your PLR content for you. Be cautious here as well. Some writers may use article spinning software without ever reading the original and handing you something that makes no sense at all. There are also writers who don’t use proper grammar, spelling or punctuation either. Check the writer’s references. If you use a company like Fiverr they have a rating system that can help you determine the quality of work.

Also let me make it clear that just because someone charges cheaply for their service doesn’t mean they do low quality work. The same can be said for those who charge incredibly large fees doesn’t mean their quality of work is spectacular. Once you develop a working relationship with a few writers you can trust and do a good job, you will have no problem getting your content rewritten regularly.

Make your articles indistinguishable from the original and you’ve got yourself some unique content that will definitely level the playing field.

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