Aritcle Writing With PLR

Article Writing with Private Label Rights (PLR)

Writing articles yourself is time consuming. You either need to know the material of your subject matter or do extensive research to make sure your information is accurate. Outsourcing your article content can be costly, especially if you are just starting your online business. With Private Label Rights you can bridge the gap between the two. We are going to discuss:

What are Private Label Rights?
Where to find PLR content?
The Do’s and Don’ts on using PLR Content

What are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights also known as PLR Content are information products in the form of articles, reports, ebooks etc. that have a unique kind of rights. They have no author attached to them and permit you to literally customize the information to your own needs. PLR articles are pre-written articles on a variety of niche topics that you can call your own.

Where to Find PLR Content?

You can find PLR content just about everywhere. There are PLR packages you can buy, some are even given away. You can join a website membership that offers PLR content to their members. Some even add brand new content on a regular basis. One of my favorite places to find PLR is
They have a huge line of PLR products ranging from articles to video training modules. Sign up for Free and see for yourself. also offers article packs in a variety of subjects. This site is constantly updated with new unique packs of articles on a variety of subjects. The best part is, they only sell 100 packages of each set and then remove the content completely. So that means only you and 99 other people get their hands on those exact PLR articles. That means less competition and less duplicate content.

Another favorite of mine is This unique PLR content site offers a membership with constant new articles. If you are willing to write an article yourself every month, you can even score your membership for free! This was one of the first memberships of its kind when PLR content wasn’t very well known. This huge database of every niche topic you can think up will definitely keep you busy with an endless supply of content and ideas.

The Do’s and Don’ts of PLR Content

As great as they are PLR content does have its drawbacks, especially when they are sold in large quantities. Search engines love unique content. The more unique content you use on your website the better. But when you use content that is duplicated everywhere, that’s when you encounter problems. You’re website may even be removed from search engines entirely.

With that in mind, the best course of action when using PLR content is to change the content and making it different from the original. This can be done by changing words and using synonyms and antonyms. Rewording phrases can make each sentence even more unique. Even swapping sentences or paragraphs and changing the title. The point is you need to drastically change the content so it doesn’t look anything like the original.

Now doing this task by hand is very time consuming. Some people will use what is called Article Spinning Software. There are so many that I won’t list them here. But these little pieces of software cut the task down of swapping words, phrases and paragraphs around automatically.

Use caution when you buy, download or use any of these. Some will work better then others. And some have more features to create a unique version then others. In the end, read the article that is produced to make sure it makes sense and reads differently from your original. These are tools designed to help you in saving time. Remember anything information you share reflects back on you and your business.

You can also hire a writer to rewrite your PLR content for you. Be cautious here as well. Some writers may use article spinning software without ever reading the original and handing you something that makes no sense at all. There are also writers who don’t use proper grammar, spelling or punctuation either. Check the writer’s references. If you use a company like Fiverr they have a rating system that can help you determine the quality of work.

Also let me make it clear that just because someone charges cheaply for their service doesn’t mean they do low quality work. The same can be said for those who charge incredibly large fees doesn’t mean their quality of work is spectacular. Once you develop a working relationship with a few writers you can trust and do a good job, you will have no problem getting your content rewritten regularly.

Make your articles indistinguishable from the original and you’ve got yourself some unique content that will definitely level the playing field.

Outsource Your Article Content

Outsourcing Your Article Content

Article Marketing is a great way to promote your products, websites, blogs and building a list. If you are someone who doesn’t like to write or doesn’t have the time but needs fresh content, outsourcing is a great way to go if you are willing to pay. You can find ghostwriters on many freelance and writing portals that offer their services in creating article content. We are going to look at:

Where you can find a ghostwriter
What to look for before you hire one
Doing more with the finished product

1. Where you can find a Ghostwriter

One of my favorite places to find a writer is For just five dollars you can get an experienced writer to write an article for you, and many of them offer free rewrite services if you aren’t satisfied with the final article. Another is This site is one of the top freelance sites on the Internet offering services on all kinds of subjects. These people are generally paid by the our. also is an hour-based freelance service. Go to their “editing” category for writers and you will find many to choose from, some specializing in specific niches too!

There are writing portals that also offer a database of writers will to create content for you. for instance goes through an extensive screening process with their writers. Once writers fill out an application a test determines skill level. That star rating determines what they get paid. They charge about 8-10 cents a word. I haven’t tried this service myself but after going through the website myself, I just just have to try it!

2. What to look for before you hire one

Before you hire someone from any of these sites, there are a couple things you need to consider. First their credibility. These sites have a rating system that can tell you if other people are satisfied with their final result. Secondly, consider their turn around time. Will they be able to deliver your content quickly?

Third, consider other services some of them offer. There are some writers who offer free rewrites until you get what you want. Others charge a small fee for add ons like a squeeze page. Higher price doesn’t always mean better quality either. Just because one charges higher doesn’t mean they will deliver the best result. Make sure you look at their bio, rating and past comments before choosing one of the other. Many of the writers on Fiverr for instance do create good work for just $5.00.

3. Doing more with your finished product

Once the article is done to your satisfaction, don’t forget to link your blog, website or product. It is possible you may have to tweak the article a little to further fit your needs but most of the work is already done for you. Just make sure that you read it a few times before you post it anywhere and make sure it makes sense, has correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Outsourcing your article content is a great way to cut down your work load when you don’t have time to do it yourself. Now that you know where to find a writer, what to look for before you hire one and what to do once the final product is handed to you, I’m sure you will have some great content that pulls in some cash and subscribers to your business

3 Ways to Create Content Rich Articles

3 Ways to Write Content Rich Articles

Article Marketing is one of the most tried and true strategies for generating traffic, building lists and making sales. People search online for two reasons, to shop and to find information. Whether you are starting a blog, creating a e-mail newsletter, designing a report or creating a content rich website, learning to write a Content Rich Article is a must.

Today we are going to look at 3 ways you can create your own article content.

  • You can write it yourself
  • Outsource it or
  • Use PLR (private label rights) products.

We are going to look at each one.

1. Write the Content Yourself

If you are an expert in a specific area, you already have the knowledge to create an article. Find a specific topic and jot down ideas. Keep in mind that you want to address a problem and suggest a solution to resolve that problem. Think about problems or issues you have had to deal with in the subject matter. How did you fix it? Is it a step-by-step process you could share? Did you find a software, website or other tool that solved your problem? These are good topics for articles. And don’t think you’re the only one dealing with that issue because trust me you’re not!

If you can’t think of a topic off hand, visit forums, blogs, Facebook Fanpages, Squidoo Lenses for ideas. You can even pull the ideas from actual sales letters. Pick one of the bullet points from a sales page for a product on your topic and expand on the idea. Many great articles and even new products have been developed this way. With time and practice you will start to pick up on areas missed by others.

2. Outsource Your Content

If you don’t have the writing skills or knowledge you can always outsource your Articles. There are freelance sites such as ,, and to name a few, that have hundreds of writers available to create content for you. But buyer beware, make sure you look into their credentials before making your request to assure you are getting a well written article. Some of these writers may have poor writing skills or are using the latest “article spinners” to create your content instead of quality written information.

Think of these writers as independent contractors. They can write with specific topics in mind or do research in a particular area to create your content. Be sure to tell them specific keywords or phrases you want included in each article, how long the article should be and be specific about the information you want in it as much as possible. This will help the writer create the exact article detail you want. Also keep an eye on the turnaround time it takes the writer to create your article and send it to you. Some will even do a rewrite if you are not satisfied with the initial article created.

3. PLR (Private Label Rights) Content

PLR also known as Private Label Rights, is the latest and greatest thing for creating content. Like creating your content however, you will have to rewrite the information to make it unique. One of the biggest mistakes people make is posting PLR Articles as they are without any alteration. You want your site, your info or your product to stand out as much as possible. Again you can also outsource a rewrite with other writers if you don’t want to do it yourself.

PLR articles can be found all over the Internet. Some are given away, you can purchase articles in packs on specific niches or join a membership website that provides ongoing content. Keep in mind that this info is available to many people which is why you need to rework the articles. They are a great way to save a little time creating your articles from scratch as long as you take full advantage of using them correctly.

Now you are familiar with the 3 Ways to Write Content Rich Articles. You can create your own article content using your knowledge and research. You can outsource the content to freelance writers. You can also repurpose Private Label Rights articles to create fresh new content. The key here is to create unique content no matter what method you use. And don’t limit yourself to only using this new article content on blogs or newsletters. You can also create your own report or info product the same way.